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Al Serraj Congratulates Libyans on Revolution Anniversary.

The President of the Presidency

Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Serraj

congratulated Libyans on the 7th anniversary of the 17th February


In a speech to mark the occasion, Al Serraj paid tribute to the

revolution martyrs, whom he said had sacrificed their lives for a

civil and democratic state in which all the people live in dignity

and enjoy full rights.

Celebrations of the Revolution anniversary were held throughout

the country on Saturday with thousands descending on the Martyrs

Square in the capital dancing and waving flags.

'It is not wrong to have a different view, on the contrary

difference is needed in a civil democratic society, but it wrong for

difference to turn into conflict and animosity towards those who have

different views, Al Serraj said.

Selfishness and foreign intervention in Libya internal affairs

have triggered division and conflict between Libyans with all the

dire costs on the country over the last seven years, Al Serraj said.

He called on those countries which he did not name to stop

meddling in Libya's affairs.

'It's time that political stalemate be removed, and referendum on

the constitution get done after the high court has resolved the

controversy over it, Al Serraj said.

He called on the House of Representatives to speed up the

referendum act as stipulated for in the Provisional Constitutional

Declaration, and to leave the issue of accepting or refusing the

draft for the people.

Al Serraj said emphasis should be given to ending the

transitional period by conducting parliamentary and presidential

elections this year, and to put an end to approaches some of which

served personal interests, while others served foreign agenda.

He also called on the UN and the international community to state

their positions vis a vis the constitutional requirements, and the

unification of all political tracks to allow the needed support for

free and fair elections this year.

Source: Libya News Agency


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