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Al Saraj Demands Arab Support for Lifting Ban on Arms Exports to Libya.

Al Saraj Demands Arab Support for Lifting Ban on Arms Exports to Libya.Monday , 09-05-2016 – 18:59:00

Cairo, 9 May 2016(Lana) The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al Saraj has demanded at a consultation meeting at the Arab League on Sunday for lifting the ban on exporting arms to Libya to enable it o combat the State organization Da’esh. Al Saraj also called for lifting the freeze on Libyan state assets to alleviate the suffering of the people. He invited Arab delegations to visit Libya and help the country gets back on the political and economic map, and urged the return of diplomatic missions and direct flights as a reassuring message to the Libyan people. Al Saraj said his government aim was to resolve the division of state institutions and to save the country’s sovereignty and unity. The government policy is to include all without exclusion, Al Saraj said, stressing that it was the government for all Libyans those who support the political agreement and those who oppose it. He stressed that his government would fight the decisive battle against Da’esh which needed full coordination between all Libyans across the country, and warned against the dangerous ramifications of the migration issue which he said had political, economic and humanitarian dimensions. =Lana=