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Al Majbari Meets Leaders and Activists of Eastern Region.

Al Majbari Meets Leaders and Activists of Eastern Region.Tuesday , 19-04-2016 – 19:01:00

Al Beidha, 19 April 2016(Lana) The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council of the NAG Fathi Al Majbari met here a number of leaders and activists of the eastern region of Libya, to discuss key issues and vision of the consensus government. The meeting also dealt with social equality in distribution of state institutions between the three provinces in Libya, tackling the issue of militias and rebuilding of the Army and Police forces as a means to restore stability to the country. Al Majbari said the Army battle against terror is non-questionable, as is the unity and sovereignty of Libya. Al Majbari is holding consultations with social and political leaders and activists in eastern Libyan cities to promote the National Accord Government. =Lana=