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Al Koni: Council Strives to Resolve Obstacles and Bottlenecks in the Country.

Al Koni: Council Strives to Resolve Obstacles and Bottlenecks in the Country.Wednsday , 28-12-2016 – 17:10:00

Tripoli, 28 December 2016(Lana) The Deputy Head of the Presidency Council of Government of National Accord Musa Al Koni on Tuesday discussed with members of Parliament from the southern region, members of Al bawanis Municipal Council and the wise men and elders of the area overcoming the problems faced by the Tamanhint Airport. The meeting was attended by the member of the council Ahmed Hamza and the Delegate Minister of Transport Milad Ma’atoug. The Government of National Accord is committed to do what in its power to alleviate the suffering of the ordinary people all over Libya, Al Koni told the Libyan news agency. The Council strives to enable the local councils in Libya assume the task of serving their communities, and to be directly engaged in resolving the bottlenecks they faced in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government, Al Koni stressed. Asked about the Tamanhint Airport and the measures introduced following the hijacked plane incident, he said new measures have be taken to prevent that such incident happen again. The Tamanhint Airport in the only outlet for the southern region after the suspension of Sebha Airport, and serves numerous municipalities such as Al Bawanis, Al Shargiyah, Al Gurdha, Sebha, and Semnou. =Lana=