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Al Koni Cites Failure of Presidency Council for His Resignation.

Al Koni Cites Failure of Presidency Council for His Resignation.Tuesday , 03-01-2017 – 15:43:00

Tripoli, 3 December 2016(Lana) The Deputy Head of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Musa Al Koni has said the Presidency Council has failed to run the country politically, economically and to establish security, which made the execution of the Political Agreement almost impossible. The Presidency Council has failed to resolve the political crisis, address the citizens daily woes, and to deal with the challenges facing the country, because it was not working as a team, Al Koni said at a press conference here on Monday ‘The Council has failed to establish a national army, evacuate the armed groups from the cities, remove weapons, reopen the streets and airports, and return the displaced, Al Koni said. It also failed to end the division of the country’s institutions east and west, he added. Al koni pointed out that the House of Representatives has failed to do what’s requested of it in accordance with the political agreement; did not amend the Constitutional Declaration to include the political agreement, and did not give confidence to the government submitted by the Presidency Council. ‘We have failed in resolving the country’s crisis, to resolve the citizens daily problems, and we have failed to take courageous decisions, we have no authority on the country’s institutions including the Central Bank of Libya despite repeated attempts, Al Koni told the press conference, which he gave after announcing his resignation from the Presidency Council earlier. Many regions have witnessed crises and conflicts, and we were unable to render any help whatsoever, others suffered under the presence of the Council at the helm of the state, Al Koni said. Al Koni asserted that the Presidency Council was leading the state nominally, but not in real terms, saying everyone was governing but none was in control. =Lana=