Al-Bakoush, Announced Contracting For “12” Million Doses Of Corona Virus Vaccine.

Tripoli, - Chairman of Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat Coronavirus, Dr. Khalifa Al-Bakoush, announced, on Saturday, the contract for 12 million doses of a vaccine against the Corona virus, adding that the first batch of the vaccine will arrive by the end of March. Al-Bakoush said, during a press conference, Saturday in Tripoli, “The committee will receive about 12 million doses in batches to prevent Corona virus, pointing out that 4 companies have been contracted to import vaccines.

The head of the advisory committee added that the committee reassures the Libyans of the imminent arrival of vaccinations, stressing that the delay in bringing vaccinations is due to the closure imposed by the European Union. Al-Bakoush explained that it was agreed that the National Center for Disease Control would vaccinate because of its experience in this field and in cooperation with the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Ministry of Health, indicating that the registration for the vaccination system against Corona will be opened at the beginning of March.

Source: Libya News Agency