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Agenda of PM's visit to the US? (Pakistan Observer)

THE Pakistani public has the right to know what Sharif, Obama and Modi meetings will bring to Pakistan in terms of Kashmir, water, economy, technology, food security, mega dams, banking reforms, human rights, drugs, human trafficking, war crimes, corruption and money laundering. If these vital issues are not being discussed by them, then international stage will serve only to make Sharif’s US visit anti-Pakistan by requiring us to do more in the name of cooperation. In that case, staying away from the meetings is better.

Obama’s invitation is potentially the beginning of another oppressive relationship. Under the US-Afghan bilateral agreement, US led NATO forces will stay in Afghanistan until 2024 and beyond, with access to 12 land and air bases and permission for drone attacks in the sovereign states of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Under the agreement, foreign troops have immunityfrom prosecution under local law against gross violations of international laws and conventions including those governing human rights and torture. Likewise, America can veto Afghan requests to end occupation and remove NATO bases. The situation, in short, is permanent.

Sharif has been summoned to pledge permanent support for the Afghan occupation and its accompanying NATO base. The timing of court judgments regarding 2013 election rigging case suitably functions to lend legitimacy to the Sharif government.

But the Sharif government doesn’t have a mandate to support US-Afghan agreement. All other political parties cannot vote on this because it was not part of their election campaigns and party manifestos. They should instead move the UN for the immediate withdrawal of foreign troops and the closing of all NATO bases from Afghanistan for peace and security in Pakistan.

It is about time Pakistan had a foreign minister. Despite abject failure of two gentlemen, looking after the foreign affairs and national security, to defend and protect Pakistan’s interest in Ufa, Russia they are still in office. After Ufa, PTV, despite being a state channel, was turned into government’s megaphone where the PM’s special advisor derided commentators for upholding position of Pakistan and the UN on Kashmir.

And unlike the Indian and American foreign office defending their countries, our foreign office is kept in the background and it is not allowed to adopt pro-Pakistan policies. The armed forces are not allowed to give their independent input in state affairs. Instead of endorsing permanent Afghan occupation, an inquiry needs to be ordered by the state of Pakistan in national interest to determine losses to the country in the past for entering into such alliances. An inquiry has been ordered against the UK foreign office for its role in Libya’s collapse.

Crisp Blunt, a member parliament and foreign affairs committee head told the Guardian (July 24, 2015) that intervention and subsequent breakdown of state had proved disastrous for Libya and its people and it has posed a global security threat. Daesh in Libya, migrant crisis due to collapse of authority. A similar inquiry starting with Sharif government and past two governments will help clean up a lot of mess and keep a check on the government, establishment and the judiciary.

India is supporting US policy in the region. By giving access to India through Pakistan on the pretext of Afghanistan and TAPI gas pipeline, Islamabad will support West backed alliance in CARS against Collective Security Treaty Organization. It should be blocked. Western media has shown that the West is using terrorism and telecommunications to further their geo-strategic interests. An Indian national attended Pak-Afghan PTC meeting as ITA employee.

Based on the details revealed by Snowden published in the Guardian, it is about time Pakistan renationalises privatised telecommunication sector to protect national security.

Pakistan can have good relations with America excluding support for occupation of Afghanistan and establishment of NATO base in Afghanistan.

Pakistan and India can also have good working relation as long as India is ready to respect Pakistan and solve all outstanding issues starting with Kashmir and water disputes.