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African Union 28 round kicks off.

African Union 28 round kicks off.Monday , 30-01-2017 – 16:16:00

Addis Ababa, 30.01.2017(Lana) The 28th summit of the African Union kicked off in Addis Ababa at the level of head of states and governments with the participation of President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord, Fayez Saraj. Head of states and governments expressed in their speeches at the opening session their appreciation of all Libyan parties to reach a political consensus to attain security and stability and contribute to safeguarding unity of Libya and integrity of its territories. The speakers praised Libya’s stance declaring war on State Organization (Daesh) and fully liberating Serte from this terrorist organization and its return back to the homeland. The meetings of this round, today and tomorrow is being themed” Harnessing the Demographic Divide through Investments in the Youth”. =Lana=