Saturday, 15/8/2020 | 1:48 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

African Centre Concerned About Sudanese Stranded in Libya

The African Centre for Human Rights Studies expressed its deep concern over the sufferings of thousands of Sudanese stranded in the Libyan city Benghazi, because of the poor security situation there. Meanwhile, Sudan’s Foreign Minister declared that Libya’s warring parties have accepted a reconciliation initiative by the President of Sudan.

The African centre is especially concerned about the Sabri, Sidi Hussein, and El Hawari areas, where the Sudanese, including entire families, suffer from the lack of security. In a press statement this week, the centre warned that “the situation in Libya, particularly in Benghazi, cannot tolerate any delay to evacuate stranded Sudanese citizens there.

One of the “2,000 stranded Sudanese” in Benghazi complained to Radio Dabanga last week that neither the Sudanese embassy, nor the consulate provided them with assistance or transport to Sudan. “They said that they are also stranded.” Fighting between rival militias in Tripoli has forced the closure of the capital’s international airport. Islamist groups are battling army special forces in the eastern city of Benghazi.

The Centre for Human Rights Studies’ statement called on the Sudanese government to “promptly provide transport to evacuate its nationals”. The centre also appealed to the Red Crescent Society and other international organisations to intervene immediately to save the stranded people and provide care for them, their families and their children until they are evacuated.

Karti meets Libyan ministers

Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ali Karti paid a visit to Libya last Monday, where he met with several ministers and government officials. He told Ashorooq TV in Tripoli that Libya’s warring parties have accepted an initiative by Omar Al Bashir for reconciliation and dialogue in the country. He pointed out that the peace efforts come from within the framework of initiatives launched by Libya’s neighbouring countries.

Karti first went to the eastern city of Tobruk to meet the internationally-recognized Prime Minister Abdallah El Thani before flying to Tripoli for talks with the president of the General National Congress of Libya (GNC), Nuri Ali Abusahmain.

A Libyan senior military officer accused Sudan in September of supporting the Islamist militias, and had attempted to move a convoy with militiamen into the country. On 6 September, Libyan authorities announced the grounding of a Sudanese military aeroplane at El Kufra airport, “laden with weapons bound for rebels”. Sudan has vehemently denied accusations of backing any side in the Libyan conflict, saying the weapons were shipped for the use of a joint force between the two countries.

Source : Radio Dabanga