Saturday, 28/3/2020 | 7:59 UTC+0
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Adwan: Country heading towards escalation if Aoun not elected president or new electoral law achieved

The Lebanese Forces (LF)-Jdaydeh Branch- organised a celebration commemorating the martyrdom of the "founder of the Lebanese resistance, Bachir Gemayel," during which MP George Adwan represented LF Chief Samir Geagea.

Adwan warned that the country was in a dire situation that was heading towards further escalation if a president were not elected or at the very least a new electoral law agreed on.

"Bachir Gemayel was not an ordinary president, he was born from the womb of the Lebanese resistance, he knew what he wanted and what the State required. He came to start a revolution for change in order to achieve a strong State," said Adwan.

"Thirty-four years ago they assassinated the dream of a strong state. This assassination led us through time to current confusion," Adwan explained that the existing state of loss was due to certain factions desiring to hand over Lebanon's decision to foreign powers.

"They want others to decide for us; but, I believe that we as Lebanese have the power, knowledge, and determination to choose our own president."

The Deputy explained that some parties were in support of having a weak man in Baabda palace because such a person would be easy to control and act as a front to their corruption and shady deals.

"They do not want Lebanon as a final home and entity by itself," Adwan said, vowing that the LF would stand in the face of any such plan and endeavour to achieve a strong sovereign State.

"The resistance which once took up arms is now armed with the Constitution, law, and true partnership," he added, noting that only the army and security forces could protect Lebanon's 10452 Square Kilometres.

"At that time, the Syrian, the Palestinian, the Libyan, and many others interfered. So, Bachir stood up for Lebanon and said only the Lebanese could decide their fate. These days, the decision of war and peace is not in the hands of the Lebanese; it is abducted by a certain group that whimsically decides implicating Lebanon in wars, and goes off to Syria and Iraq without consulting with anyone, without caring for the Lebanese State," Adwan asserted that the LF refused such behaviour.

Touching on the thorny issue of refugees, Adwan advised all those who "philosophise" the matter and speak from a humanitarian perspective to take a moment and learn from past mistakes.

"The LF stood at the time against the naturalisation [of Palestinian refugees], and today I tell you the danger is graver because we have 1.5 million Syrian refugees, and we are not dealing with their presence seriously...and this will always be a threat to the existence and composition of Lebanon."

Adwan called for a unified approach towards the overwhelming Syrian presence in Lebanon, calling upon the government to awaken from its slumber; otherwise, different solutions would be reached to solve this matter.

"Standing idle...will not lead us anywhere, just as we overlooked the Palestinian presence in the past until catastrophe struck."

The MP concluded by speaking of the critical political situation the country was in, in the absence of a president and failure to decide on a new electoral law.

"There are two solutions to the problem, otherwise matters are going to escalate," he said, pointing out that the solution was either by electing MP Michel Aoun for president, or agreeing on a new electoral law.

Adwan went on to explain that the LF nomination of Aoun for president came after lengthy talks, which yielded the ten-point-agreement document. According to the MP, for Aoun to be elected, Head of Future Movement Saad Hariri, Speaker Nabih Berri, and MP Walid Jumblatt needed to get together and talk things over.

The MP warned that if a new electoral law was not agreed upon, then no Lebanese would be properly represented with the 60s electoral law.

Source: National News Agency