Thursday, 9/4/2020 | 4:49 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

6+6 Committee reaches agreements on raised issues.

Tripoli, 6+6 Committee, formed by House of Representatives, to study differences and find appropriate compromises, has announced that it reached several agreements on raised issues. In statement Saturday the committee explained that it agreed on media detente and focus on positive media discourse and reconcile members of the Presidential Council. It said issues reviewed were constitutional amendments represented in five essential points; article 8, State Council, and dates mentioned in the political accord, the term of the political accord in case constitution is not completed, swearing in of members of the Presidential Council, in terms of ways to amend constitution and the necessary assurances acceptable to all parties. The committee said it agreed to summon the Presidential Council to discuss the Government of National Accord to ensure fair geographical representation, based on clause 2 of Article 2 and to exclude whoever is subject to a judicial sentence or under guardianship or affiliated to a political party or representing a city with more than a minister. The committee said the pro-GNA group requested to add two ministers form every region, but the request was turned down and deferred for consultation with the remaining members, because the goal was to form a small cabinet capable of making headways.

Source: Libyan News Agency