‘5 + 5’ Committee Welcomes Geneva Outcomes.

The Joint Military Committee ‘5 + 5’ welcomed the results of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Geneva, which (culminated in choosing a presidential council and head of a unified government). The committee announced in the closing statement of its meetings, Saturday, that the actual start process of clearing mines and remnants of war will start on February 10 in preparation for the opening of the coastal road, and that its sub-committee for the evacuation of contact lines will begin to re-locate forces after completing the demining process in the designated area related to the opening The coastal road .

In its statement on the 7th round of its continuous meetings during the period from 4 to 7 February, the committee said that it thanked the United Nations Mission for support in Libya, headed by Mrs. Stephanie Williams and its team, for their efforts to achieve (this historic achievement).

The committee appreciated (the field commanders' full commitment to the ceasefire that was reached on October 23, 2020, which created the appropriate conditions and atmosphere for further release of detainees and the production of a serious political process that led to the formation of a presidential council and the designation of the head of a national unity government).

The statement added that the committee affirms (the implementation of the terms and provisions of the ceasefire signed in Geneva on October 23, and insists on proceeding with the process of removing mercenaries and foreign fighters immediately), reiterating its request to the Security Council to follow up the outcomes of the Berlin Conference to ‘oblige the countries to which the fighters belong and mercenaries to withdraw them immediately from Libyan territory’.

Source: Libyan News Agency