Monday, 1/6/2020 | 1:18 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire
  • Libya’s Economic Update — April 2020

    The recent economic recovery has been short-lived, stalled in early 2019 by the most serious political crisis facing Libya since 2011. The outbreak of the war around Tripoli in April 2019 prevented Libya from continuing its strong economic expansion. Indeed, …

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  • Europe at Odds as US, China Fight Over Pandemic at UN

    The clash between China and the United States over COVID-19 has caused a rift between European nations at the U.N. Security Council over a call for cease-fires in some conflict zones during the pandemic.
    For two months, France has been …

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  • Libya — COVID-19 Mobility Tracking 1 (16 May 2020)

    DTM initiated a bi-weekly assessment component as part of its mobility tracking activities aimed at understanding the impact of Covid-19 related mobility restrictions and curfews on vulnerable mobile populations in Libya. The primary focus of this assessment is not epidemiology …

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