Tuesday, 14/7/2020 | 11:01 UTC+0
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Op-Ed – Twenty-One Years Later, How Did the ANC Do? [analysis]

Monday was, in a sense, South Africa’s 21st birthday – by one measure, the day in which we became a new nation. It’s worth, then, examining not necessarily how we’ve done, or how we are doing, but how we are doing compared to how we should have been doing. In other words, is the ANC living up to its claim of a “good story to tell? And if not, why not – and will it correct its mistakes, or continue on a problematic course?

When trying to work out where a country “ought to be”, it’s very important to be as objective as possible. This is very difficult to do: one would have to be a political eunuch, a connoisseur of politics, but also with no views of one’s own (not something you’ve ever been accused of – Ed). But as a thought experiment, it can be quite valuable: it can illustrate certain problems, and also provide a context through which to understand whether some of the problems we have now are the result of bad political decisions, or would have been unavoidable with the best will in the world.

One way to do this is to…

Source : Daily Maverick