Friday, 3/7/2020 | 4:52 UTC+0
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Live Show: R30 000 for Chelsea and Mbali?

Biggie called Chelsea and Mbali the winners of the Friday night games into the diary room to give them their prize. He congratulated them for winning R30 000 but there was a twist to the prize as always.

This is what Big Brother said:

For you to keep your R30 000, you have to check on it before every hour.When you leave the dairy room, you will find a see through cube in the garden that contains a miniature version of your R30 000 cheque.On the outside of the cube you will find a timer.You will notice therersquos an axe inside the cube, above your miniature cheque.The axe will drop and destroy your cheque should housemates fail to reset the timer before the alarm sounds.This alarm sounds after sixty minutes after turning the timer to its maximum.Housemates will have R5000 deducted from their R30 000 at every chop.So housemates, to be clear, the only way to stop the axe from slicing your cheque is to rewind the timer before it completes its 1 hour cycle.Should housemates lose the R5000 and are left with R25 000, Big Brother will reset the axe and housemates are to continue their guard.

Biggie added that if Mbali and Chelsea are not vigilant, they could lose their entire R30 000 ldquothe timer only has to reset six times for housemates to be left with Zero Randsrdquo.

Therersquos another twist: Each time the housemates lose R5000, another pair chosen randomly by spinning a wheel, will legally inherit the forfeited R5000. This jeopardy will last for the next forty eight hours.

He asked the pair to leave the cheque in the Diary room as he would keep it on display for them and told them they would bank whatever money they have left as soon as he announces that forty eight hours has expired. ldquoWhen you leave the diary room, you are to go and rewind the timer to the sixty minute mark and start guarding itrdquo said Biggie. After rewinding the timer, the pair had to report to the Big Brother house and inform fellow housemates that they may not help them in any way, let alone touch the timer and those who do so would be issued a strike with immediate effect.

Biggie wished them luck and they went straight to the timer.

Source : Big Brother Mzansi