Tuesday, 26/5/2020 | 12:31 UTC+0
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Libyan Blogs Back National Dialogue

With unrest ravaging Libya, online commentators are giving their own take on the situation and offering up ideas to stem the violence.

Blogger Ahlam Elbadri stressed that Libyans hoped to see stability restored through military action.

“The convoys of the army crossing Bersis gate toward Benghazi were a step long-awaited by Libyans in order for everyone to know that there is an army waiting for the decisive hour to eradicate terrorism and radical Islamic groups that have taken Libya as a refuge and a base and are now a major concern for everyone,” she wrote.

However, the blog Mellakheer seemed more pessimistic with regard to the completion of these objectives given the proliferation of arms.

“In the absence of an institution protecting the law, and in the presence of weapons, it would be difficult for armed groups to give up what they have reached or their pseudo legal status. Their sphere of interests is greater than what you think. Hence they will not hesitate to shoot to defend and enlarge their presence,” the blogger said.

He added that in the absence of dialogue and reconciliation, the crisis would deepen.

Under the title, “The battle of dignity, a selective war against terrorism,” blogger Mohamed Egmia considered the recent clashes an important turning point in the history of Libya in the move from chaos and terror to the stage of state building and stability.

“The magnitude of the congestion in the streets of Libya is not limited to Islamist extremist groups, but also to all gunmen or those called armed militias of different tribal and ideological affiliations be they part of political parties or regional militias affiliated to Libyan towns and tribes. These militants are the ones who provided cover for organised terrorist operations that targeted members of the military, security forces, and political figures, regardless of the perpetrators,” Egmia said.

Blogger Karim Nabata in his analysis of the situation emphasised that it was the product of a state of internal division in Libya. He attributed it to giving priority to personal interests over those of the nation.

“This unbelievable situation that has made the country stand on the brink of a new civil war three years after the first, was the result of the policies of narrow self-interests pursued by all those who access power in this critical period of the country’s history,” he wrote.

Other commentators stressed the need to alter attitudes to overcome the challenges facing the country and move towards a better future.

Blogger Ilmajd wrote that Libya needed a new community culture different from that of the past to begin a new stage based on law enforcement and respect, to bring the country to democracy.

“We have to change the system of morality in society after the religion-based system failed to bring man to trust fellow man and society in general,” he said. “We have, for example, to bring up man that his mistakes, lies and crimes harm us in this world and that he has to correct his path in this life, regardless of the culture that says he will be held to account in another world.”

“We have to sow the culture of life and work for happiness in this very moment and not postpone it to the other life,” Ilmajd added.

In his turn, blogger Mohamed Abdullah al-Shibani said that healing the Libyan condition required stopping the bad habits that have led to divisions and fighting between people of the same country.

“I don’t have any doubt that taking steps backward will help us take a breath, put out the flames of tensions, stop injustice, and light candles,” he said. “We’ll then be able to see each other in our true light. There is no picture expressing us in a true way other than the picture of the citizens of Libya.”

Source : Magharebia