Saturday, 14/12/2019 | 5:24 UTC+0
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It’s Nonsense Week Mzansi!

Lungile announced on stage that this week is Nonsense week as in Non sense, which means that nothing that happens from Monday to Friday will be real. All nominations will be fake, the Head of House pairs will be fake and so will their save and replace. Everything will be fake.

Looking dapper as usual in his Palse ensemble, Lungile announced that nothing will make sense this week and Biggie will be zoning in on social media for assistance. Viewers will have the opportunity to interact with Biggie and send in diary session questions, change the outcome of the task presentations and help decide on reward treats and so much more and all through the power of the viewerrsquos tweets, posts and pictures.

The sizzling Lungile asked Big Brother Mzansi fans to check out the official platforms website, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where they will get all the information they need to engage in the game this week.

Tonight is the fifth eviction show and housemates were so anxious over the looming eviction and the rest of the nominated housemates never expressed uneasiness over being evicted and one could assume what went on their minds.

Good luck to all nominated housemates.

Source : Big Brother Mzansi