Thursday, 5/12/2019 | 9:36 UTC+0
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Interventions Are Dealing With Xenophobic Violence [document]

The Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs is convinced that the government’s various interventions to deal with xenophobic violence are bearing fruit. Despite this, the Committee reiterates its opposition to violence against foreign nationals and calls on all sectors in South African society to reject it.

While the Committee is of the view that the various interventions are having some success, it is concerned that the underlying causes remain and require urgent attention. Some of the challenges include the underfunding of the DHA’s immigration inspectorate, the country’s porous borders, the failure of local government to regulate informal and small businesses, and a lack of inter-governmental collaboration to deal with the underlying factors.

The Committee remains of the view that the implementation of the Border Management Agency will go a long way in solving the problem of the porous borders. Furthermore, the funding of the immigration inspectorate should be investigated to ensure that it delivers on its mandate. The Committee also believes that the high number of over-stayers (333 874) in the country is untenable and a properly functioning inspectorate division will assist to solve this challenge.

The incidents of xenophobic violence, both in 2008 and 2015, highlight the need for improved inter-governmental relations, first between the government of South Africa and other African countries, and better working relations between the three levels of governments within the country to ensure development that will benefit everyone.

The Committee wishes to once more call on all South Africans to desist from engaging in xenophobic violence and looting of shops. Furthermore, the Committee calls on all undocumented foreign nationals to regularise their stay in the country so that the authorities are aware of everyone within the country.

Source : Parliament of South Africa