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Cricket – Cloak and Dagger Breakaway League Offers Loads of Intrigue [analysis]

It seems plans are afoot for a rival organisation to take root in a number of cricketing countries across the globe, in an attempt to shake up cricket’s status quo. Details are currently murky, but this has all the potential to be something incredibly intriguing.

It seems plans are afoot to establish a cricket breakaway league. The International Cricket Council is investigating after it was established that the Essel Group, the folks behind the defunct Indian Cricket League, have been registering company names to rival national cricket boards.

Along with the company names, a number of domain names have also been registered in the last six months, including The Guardian reported that several company registrations have been popping up last year, and Cricket Australia were first alerted to the registration of Australia Cricket Control Limited by the subsidiary Essel Corporation Mauritius six months ago. CA have already objected to the registration of the company name, but the same is happening elsewhere. In New Zealand, of New Zealand Cricket Limited, Kiwi Cricket Limited and Aotearoa Cricket Limited have all been registered. Cricket Control Scotland Limited and the domain name have also been registered.

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Source : Daily Maverick