Sunday, 8/12/2019 | 12:52 UTC+0
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Competition is Becoming Tougher

Big Brother Mzansi is becoming tougher and tougher with Bongi and Khali leaving the house and now the household is left with five competitive pairs. The game is also tending to become more solid and power will be a matter of managing and protecting their effects amongst them.

All pairs have been great competitors and always accepted the unaccepted and managed it effectively. From the day they came into the house, the Royals have planned and prepared to deal with whatever challenges that came their way and always came second.

Victors expect to win regardless of what happens on the battle field and there are pairs in the house who do things that no one thought possible and by doing so, it gave them a clear aantage of what the game was all about.

Remaining housemate’s emotional aspects will determine their success or failure as Ntombi had already decided to distance herself from others. All of them have become crindgy and last night we even saw Mbali shouting at Chelsea for not checking the timer and she made all sorts of excuses.

At least this week is non sense week and no one will be going home. Poor housemates will be as confused as nothing will make sense to them.

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